All the success that we dream for, come our way when we think and act with a clear and healthy mind. College life is the time where students start enjoying their rights and freedom, celebrating love and friendship and also become aware about their responsibilities. Stepping in to the College, the student’s experience many changes. This transition might pose a significant challenge to their mental health. Mental health can affect the way we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Jeevani is a comprehensive mental health project implemented by the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, which focuses on the mental well-being of the students in the government colleges in Kerala. Jeevani intends to improve awareness and promotion of mental health among college students along with ensuring early identification of psychological issues among these students. To achieve this, a combination of universal awareness program (i.e., regular awareness classes to all the students) and targeted early intervention programs will be implemented.

The jeevani counsellor will be with the students in their journey in college, sharing their joys and sorrows, helping them with their pains. Such a psychological help would definitely prove to be immense benefit to the students.